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Digha Painting

There is an old big village named Digha is present in west side of Patna, which is capital of State Bihar in India. At the time spreading of this town many other villages and colonies were raised, “Kurjee” is also one of them

My painting workshop “Art Home” is present at Balupar in this Kurjee.

Which established systematically in year 2000. I would like to tell you that since 1986, I have been making “Studio Painting” here, which is used in photography as Studio Background .

I have been known as setelled Studio background Painter. Many people come to me to get “Studio background” made from distance places of different cities and states. Some of them were form Madhaya Pradesh, now they are from Chhatishghadh. They wanted me to make a madhubani painting for them. So, on their request, I gave a special attention and used my best skill for making beautiful face and design while making “Madhubani Painting for first time. I made a beautiful painting using my skill and knowledge which was like Madhubani style painting.

When those customers came to me and looking at the painting they said that what a wonderful painting, you made. It seems that it has been made by great painter having a wonderful skill hence ordinary and simple women of villages make this Madhubani painting and their painting are very simple. Since then I made my mind that special care would be given in this kind of painting for making beautiful face and design. This way number of fans of my painting increased and on their demands my wife and I started making painting on different things.

After the establishment of “Art Home” I was not alone. I was in the form of team in which my wife, some other talented persons of Digha and I were present. We gave it a new name “Digha Painting”. In other words we can say that since from year 2000 talented artists of “Art Home” have been making painting on surface of different objects according to need of person and daily use in which all modern colours and paints have been being used.

Digha painting is basically based on the story of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Krishna leela, life of Buddha, animals and birds, plants and trees, and on history. We started making paintings on these topics and it was being liked by the people.

We made new research continuously as a team work and going toward a new creation and introduced ourselves in International Market with this hope that our “Digha Painting” will be liked and honored in International Market.

Your sincerely
Santosh Kumar Mishra

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